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Who is BlytheComm?

"There's no news inside a newsroom."

So goes an old journalist's tenet. Over the past two decades, I've applied that and many other basic principles in pursuit of good stories everywhere.

I've been a Chicago-based financial journalist since 1992, when I set aside my dream of working for Sports Illustrated and moved here to take a job covering commodity markets for Futures World News, banging away on an LCD Tandy laptop with a dial-up modem a few yards off the old pork belly pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

In the years since, I've found myself immersed in the machinery of global capitalism, chronicling business and markets for Dow Jones Newswires, Reuters, Bloomberg, Crain's Chicago Business, and a few others. It's taken me to some strange places: the futures trading pits of Chicago, the meatpacking plant floor, the oil-drilling rig 150 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, the sweaty, postgame NFL locker room.

Much has changed over the past 21 years. Technology upended the news business, the trading business and most everything else. But at least one constant remains: People still love a good story. This is where I come in.

Storytelling techniques, narrative structure, punchy headlines and other fundamental tools of journalism still are essential for grabbing most any type audience. These are the kinds of things journalists have been doing for centuries, and incorporating that into your marketing communications plan is crucial to staying relevant and ahead of your competition these days. In BlytheComm, you have an ideal hybrid of technical proficiency for the digital age crossed with good, old-fashioned journalism sensibilities.

I'll close with ‚Äčanother time-worn journalistic principle: Show, don't tell. I've done enough telling for now. It's time to show how BlytheComm can yield benefits for you. Give me a ring or drop me a note. I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to follow me on Twitter, check out my LinkedIn profile and take a look at samples of my work.


I look forward to putting  the news to work for you - Bruce

Bruce Blythe

Founder & Managing Editor, Blythe Communications

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