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CHICAGO, Nov. 6, 2013 -- In today’s cluttered media world, there’s more competing for your customer’s and the public's attention than ever before, and it’s easy for your message to get lost in the noise. Meanwhile, global events – elections, wars, hurricanes, economic and financial turmoil - have a profound impact on your business and that of your customers every day.

In this volatile and difficult-to-predict environment, it’s more important than ever to be equipped with the proper tools to proactively tell your story to the audience you want to reach. To that end, Blythe Communications is excited to announce its launch.

BlytheComm connects you with a seasoned journalist, Bruce Blythe, a 20-year veteran of the world’s top real-time business news organizations – including Bloomberg, Reuters and Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal. Bruce can be on-site every day or work remotely, as long as you want, to help you build, launch and nurture an in-house editorial operation (at a fraction of what a typical agency will bill you).

A so-called curated or branded content operation will distinguish you from your competition and provide an innovative communications and sales vehicle to broadcast your stories and spotlight your experts and services within a news context. BlytheComm can accomplish this through several means:

  • Establish a homegrown news platform featuring exclusives from your top executives, researchers, traders and others.
  • Perform a full content audit of your existing website, social media presence and other communications channels and identify opportunities to tell good stories and expand your audience.
  • Identify your most compelling stories and people and craft those ideas into engaging pieces illustrating the utility of your expertise and products in the real world.
  • Ghostwrite blog posts, columns, Q&As, white papers, etc., that artfully incorporate your products and services into current events and offer fresh content every day.
  • Align you with respected outside voices and thought leaders in your industry (i.e., economists, analysts, etc., many of whom are sources of mine) to provide expert insight reinforcing your brand and message.
  • Establish an editorial board to guide the tone and direction of your content and maintain an editorial calendar that sets a publishing schedule and identifies news opportunities.
  • Maximize your distribution with an effective SEO plan and intelligent use of social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

​​Global powerhouses in financial services, and other industries, are increasingly ramping up their content operations. Take note of CME Group's product research and market analysis section, a project Bruce helped establish. There's also TD Ameritrade's investor news and insight platform, The Ticker Tape, another project Bruce helped launch and manage. Deutsche Bank's Autobahn  and Citigroup's Velocity portals offer more examples.

There’s no doubt the importance of content management as a marketing communications tool will only grow. But to make it credible and viable requires someone with hard news experience and keen journalism and storytelling skills. Think of me as editorial quality control.

We’ve only scratched the surface on the benefits an editorial management program can offer to your business and brand. Questions on rates or looking for samples of Bruce's work? BlytheComm would welcome an opportunity to tell you more.

BlytheComm looks forward to putting the news to work for you - Bruce

Contact BlytheComm to discuss your content needs and goals: or 773-391-4068